Friday, July 03, 2015

3 days down, 4 to go.

So it has been an interesting week so far and I can admit I have enjoyed it (some parts more then others). Knowing I have to do anything my girlfriend tells me, and thinking about it during the day, has been exiting in itself.

Day 1 started out with some household chores (One of her dresses and a sweater needed washing, the desk in our bedroom needed tidying up)

At night I was given the pleasure of kissing her beautiful nipples and after a while she put her hands on my head and guided me down between her legs. I love hearing her voice and therefor waited patiently for her to give me the command to start licking. With Her taste in my mouth and her smell through my nose, I obediently pleasured her with my tongue until she had her orgasm. She didn’t return the favor and I fell asleep almost as excited as I had been just a moment ago, knowing that it was up to her to decide when I would be allowed to come.

Day 2 was a day of chores (doing the washing, cocking food for her to bring to work the next day, going to the store to return a jacket she had bought and decided she didn’t want). Since the weather was great she also ordered me to arrange for a nice pick nick for us, which we shared together before I went to the gym.  

Day 3 was my favorite day so far. Starting the day Heléne went for a morning run and came home all sweaty. As she was talking about her run I was looking at her body thinking about how nice and salty it would taste. Then and there I wanted her to tell me to go down on my knees right in front of her, slowly take of her pants and start pleasuring her. Instead I watched her start taking her clothes off to get ready for the shower.

I asked: “Do you want me to take care of your clothes”

She looked at me, dropped them to the floor, smiled and said: “You can pick them up from there”

Now there was a playfulness about her, she was showing she was above me and I would have to do as I was told. This was were much to my liking and that image stuck in my mind throughout the day.

Later in the evening she had me prepare her a foot bath followed by telling me she wanted her toenails painted. She was sitting down in the sofa so I submissively placed myself on the floor in front of her. I liked how I felt down there by her feet, the lowest part of her body. This was the psychological taste of being below her, I put my full attention to her toes and tried my best to do a good job she would be satisfied with. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be upset if I messed up but I somehow still imagined the possibility, pretending there could be consequences if I didn’t.

Her eyes looking down on me, I knew this was a place where I wanted to be.   


  1. A very nice beginning. I noticed this sentence:

    " I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be upset if I messed up but I somehow still imagined the possibility, pretending there could be consequences if I didn’t."

    That makes it clear that part of your "fantasy into reality" mindset would enjoy consequences, or perhaps "punishments" would be a more appropriate word. That's very easy for me to understand, but it's often a huge stumbling block in D/s relationships. Vanilla women have a great deal of trouble making the leap into punishing their partner. Once again, I advise patience. You must let that sort of thing evolve - if it ever does - on her timetable, not yours. Be careful with the punishment question, as it can often make the whole process fall apart. Continued good luck!

    1. Thank you for taking your time to comment on my post!

  2. nice..... go on ,tell us more. I start to like Helene ...

  3. Just added a new post for the following days of that week :)