Friday, July 31, 2015

Short reflections

On my part I did enjoy the week. The first upside I can think about is me and my girlfriend having much less arguments, most likely a consequence of me not having any saying in any matter :)

This week has also given me a small glance of another side of her, which I very much like. The more confidant she became in telling me what to do and the more egoistic her requests for satisfaction were, the more attractive and sexy she became in my eyes.

Knowing she was in charge created a really exiting atmosphere. To look at her as the one who had all the power in our relationship made me desire her more. 

We will se how things play out, maybe this blog will keep going.


  1. This blog must keep going. I want to read more.

    I just published on my blog a Tip that ca help you and Helene

    Good luck. and i want to read more about Helene domination....

  2. Thank you for your interest. I'm glad to tell you that we have decided to start another week of Helene being in command. I will keep posting my thoughts and experiences on the blog.

    Your post on the bracelet was interesting reading.