Thursday, August 13, 2015

A taste of days to come

So my self and Heléne have decided to continue “our little game” of her being in charge of me for a predefined period of time.  Due to practical matters (work related and social obligations) we will start of next week with 3 separate days and then at the end of the month, again a full week (10 days in total). I will keep posting these experiences and my thoughts on the blog.

However; up until then I’d like to share with you our evening together yesterday.

Heléne had been away for two days visiting her mother and during this time I had been thinking about her a lot, especially how exiting I think it is pleasing and pleasuring her. Even if we hadn’t yet started our new period of her being in charge I felt like I wanted to spoil her to give her a taste of what she would soon be able to demand her self.

Before she came home I took care of the following.

-       Making sure she would come home to a clean and well tidied up apartment.
-       Buying her presents in the form of to sets of luxurious lingerie and a bouquet of flowers (spoiling her has been long over due).

When she was almost home I went shopping for groceries, including ingredients for a romantic dinner.  Being away I left her with the flowers and a note telling her I was happy she was home, that the massage oil add been placed on her bedside table, and that I would be taking care of her during the evening.
(I wanted to set the mood, her knowing she was to be serviced).

After having the dinner (that I prepared off course) and her opening the presents in our candle lit bedroom it was time for her massage. By then we were both in our underwear and I nicely asked Heléne were she wanted me to start of.

“At my back and shoulders”, she told me.

I removed the oil from its warm water bath and started applying it to her slender body. Starting at her lower spin I worked my way upward, using my thumbs, the lower parts of my palms and my knuckles, easing her tensions and making her completely relaxed. When I was done (equals she being satisfied) I asked her how she wanted me to proceed and she told me I was to choose freely how to continue the treatment.

I had been longing for the feeling of her authority and the sense of me being below her. My initial thought was rubbing her feet but I wanted to wait for it and therefore choose to start of with her calves. I asked for her to sit up, placed a pillow behind her back and a glass of red wine in her hand.  She looked so sexy.

I sat down on the bed end, moving her right foot on to my chest and her left sole to my crouch so that she could feel how exited I was beginning to service her. To my enjoyment she started to play along, slowly and delicately teasing my penis with her left foot and then the right, as I switched to massaging her other leg. I massaged both of her calves, feeling her warm flesh in my palms. Not until she wanted me to move on I did.

Lying down on my back, my feet by her hips and her feet close to my face, I began the rub. She looked for my attention and told me to be careful with her left pinkie (it had been bruised during the weeks before).  In my excitement I later forgot.

“Now you touched my pinkie anyway”, Heléne said and she looked down at me.

I knew I hadn’t really hurt hear since her reaction wasn’t that strong, however I knew I hadn’t done as I had been told so I submissively answered, “I’m really sorry, I do apologize”.

“Your most certainly should” she replied with a smile on her face, putting me in my place then sipping her wine, a reprimand from the boss of days to come.

When her feet had been thoroughly massaged she wanted my head between her legs and told me to take of her panties and go to work. I reached for a strawberry; from a plate I had placed on her bedside table, passed it to her mouth and then did as I had been told.

This was an amazing feeling, I absolutely loved licking her pussy while looking up into her eyes, she looking down on me drinking her wine and enjoying a strawberry now and then. I felt that I was there for her pleasure.

“Take your shorts of”, Heléne continued.

I stood up, dropped them to the floor, stood naked before her for a while at the end of the bed, then I eagerly lay down again and placed my lips on her wet labia. She placed her right foot on my penis and pined it down against the sheets, as she’s lately been starting to do. In this position we stayed, me looking up into her eyes until she again gave me directions.

“My glass of wine is empty”, she said, smiling playfully again.

I should have been more tentative, I stood up, took the glass from her hand, walked over to our bedroom desk to get the wine bottle. I felt her eyes on me, almost as if she could see right through me the thrill I was feeling, refilling her glass, thinking about being there only to serve her, doing what she told me. 

“There you go”, I handed Heléne her wine, went back to my place, put my mouth on her vagina and proceeded pleasuring her, moving my tongue around and over her clitoris. After a few minutes she pulled my hair, finally orgasemd and her body contracted until it eased of into relaxation. It was great!

She made clear she wasn’t done with me; she wanted me on my back.

In a brief moment, there I lay, turned over, she being all over me. For long time, how long I can’t remember, she was kissing and biting my nipples, jerking me of, sucking my cock, I was made into her playground. Even though she was giving me pleasure I felt she was in complete control, she was doing this because she wanted it, not because of obligations to satisfy me, that’s the thought I keep in my mind. She was dominating me. When I finally came it was an intense feeling, stronger then I have felt in a very long time. It had been a great evening of pleasing and pleasuring her.


  1. I wish I could be under her command also :(

    1. If you were, what would you hope she’d make you do?