Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Will I be asking for too much?

It has been a great feeling these days knowing that Heléne is the one who is in charge in our relationship and that I have to follow her every command. I have been told to always keep myself fresh and attractive (balls shaved) in order to always be ready for sexual services.

I have also been ordered to do much of the housework, keeping our flat clean, doing the laundry and making sure that there are always groceries at home for cooking (which I do).

Heléne has told me that she is happy with this arrangement and that she has been content during the week but the feeling that I have is that she is not completely comfortable with her new status. I haven’t quite figured out if she enjoys the feeling of being in charge or if she just likes getting things done for practical reasons. For myself it so much about the psychology and the feeling of handing over control to my better half, which creates a turn-on. I want her to fell superior and empowered knowing these days it’s all about her, she is above me and I have to follow her every command. I want Heléne to feel completely comfortable in this position, giving me any task she pleases for her comfort or for her amusement.   

I have decided to ask her to do something for her, which will enhance the feeling of dominant and submissive between us. I’m hoping to expand her horizon and make her feel that during these days I am really her “little bitch”. To show my obedience and commitment to serving her I’m going to ask her to allow me to go down on my hands and knees in front of her and kiss her feet. When I’m done, I will ask permission to lick her pussy while standing on my knees.

Hopefully she will grant me permission.


  1. I don’t know if your wife is reading you blog or not but her are two webpages that might be of use to her.

    There are quite a lot of good posts. Reading them might give her some new ideas and perspectives. Hopefully it will give her more confidence and she will start to just enjoy the benefits of being in charge :)

  2. Whatever happened to this blog. How come you stopped writing? Did you stop serving your wife, if so, way?

    Interested in reading more.