Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Will I be asking for too much?

It has been a great feeling these days knowing that Heléne is the one who is in charge in our relationship and that I have to follow her every command. I have been told to always keep myself fresh and attractive (balls shaved) in order to always be ready for sexual services.

I have also been ordered to do much of the housework, keeping our flat clean, doing the laundry and making sure that there are always groceries at home for cooking (which I do).

Heléne has told me that she is happy with this arrangement and that she has been content during the week but the feeling that I have is that she is not completely comfortable with her new status. I haven’t quite figured out if she enjoys the feeling of being in charge or if she just likes getting things done for practical reasons. For myself it so much about the psychology and the feeling of handing over control to my better half, which creates a turn-on. I want her to fell superior and empowered knowing these days it’s all about her, she is above me and I have to follow her every command. I want Heléne to feel completely comfortable in this position, giving me any task she pleases for her comfort or for her amusement.   

I have decided to ask her to do something for her, which will enhance the feeling of dominant and submissive between us. I’m hoping to expand her horizon and make her feel that during these days I am really her “little bitch”. To show my obedience and commitment to serving her I’m going to ask her to allow me to go down on my hands and knees in front of her and kiss her feet. When I’m done, I will ask permission to lick her pussy while standing on my knees.

Hopefully she will grant me permission.

Friday, September 04, 2015


So a new period of Heléne being in charge has started (9 days)

Thinking about it made me search the Internet for inspiring photos and I found some sexy images of dominant women. Maybe this could soon be Heléne enjoying her self. 

Having her feet attended to while sipping a cup of coffee

Her private butler serving her wine 

Having a man to play with (Quiet until allowed to speak) 

Pleasured on command

Putting her man in his place

I’m looking forward to see what she has in store for me...

I don’t have copyright to any of these images, if you do, contact me and they will be removed.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A taste of days to come

So my self and Heléne have decided to continue “our little game” of her being in charge of me for a predefined period of time.  Due to practical matters (work related and social obligations) we will start of next week with 3 separate days and then at the end of the month, again a full week (10 days in total). I will keep posting these experiences and my thoughts on the blog.

However; up until then I’d like to share with you our evening together yesterday.

Heléne had been away for two days visiting her mother and during this time I had been thinking about her a lot, especially how exiting I think it is pleasing and pleasuring her. Even if we hadn’t yet started our new period of her being in charge I felt like I wanted to spoil her to give her a taste of what she would soon be able to demand her self.

Before she came home I took care of the following.

-       Making sure she would come home to a clean and well tidied up apartment.
-       Buying her presents in the form of to sets of luxurious lingerie and a bouquet of flowers (spoiling her has been long over due).

When she was almost home I went shopping for groceries, including ingredients for a romantic dinner.  Being away I left her with the flowers and a note telling her I was happy she was home, that the massage oil add been placed on her bedside table, and that I would be taking care of her during the evening.
(I wanted to set the mood, her knowing she was to be serviced).

After having the dinner (that I prepared off course) and her opening the presents in our candle lit bedroom it was time for her massage. By then we were both in our underwear and I nicely asked Heléne were she wanted me to start of.

“At my back and shoulders”, she told me.

I removed the oil from its warm water bath and started applying it to her slender body. Starting at her lower spin I worked my way upward, using my thumbs, the lower parts of my palms and my knuckles, easing her tensions and making her completely relaxed. When I was done (equals she being satisfied) I asked her how she wanted me to proceed and she told me I was to choose freely how to continue the treatment.

I had been longing for the feeling of her authority and the sense of me being below her. My initial thought was rubbing her feet but I wanted to wait for it and therefore choose to start of with her calves. I asked for her to sit up, placed a pillow behind her back and a glass of red wine in her hand.  She looked so sexy.

I sat down on the bed end, moving her right foot on to my chest and her left sole to my crouch so that she could feel how exited I was beginning to service her. To my enjoyment she started to play along, slowly and delicately teasing my penis with her left foot and then the right, as I switched to massaging her other leg. I massaged both of her calves, feeling her warm flesh in my palms. Not until she wanted me to move on I did.

Lying down on my back, my feet by her hips and her feet close to my face, I began the rub. She looked for my attention and told me to be careful with her left pinkie (it had been bruised during the weeks before).  In my excitement I later forgot.

“Now you touched my pinkie anyway”, Heléne said and she looked down at me.

I knew I hadn’t really hurt hear since her reaction wasn’t that strong, however I knew I hadn’t done as I had been told so I submissively answered, “I’m really sorry, I do apologize”.

“Your most certainly should” she replied with a smile on her face, putting me in my place then sipping her wine, a reprimand from the boss of days to come.

When her feet had been thoroughly massaged she wanted my head between her legs and told me to take of her panties and go to work. I reached for a strawberry; from a plate I had placed on her bedside table, passed it to her mouth and then did as I had been told.

This was an amazing feeling, I absolutely loved licking her pussy while looking up into her eyes, she looking down on me drinking her wine and enjoying a strawberry now and then. I felt that I was there for her pleasure.

“Take your shorts of”, Heléne continued.

I stood up, dropped them to the floor, stood naked before her for a while at the end of the bed, then I eagerly lay down again and placed my lips on her wet labia. She placed her right foot on my penis and pined it down against the sheets, as she’s lately been starting to do. In this position we stayed, me looking up into her eyes until she again gave me directions.

“My glass of wine is empty”, she said, smiling playfully again.

I should have been more tentative, I stood up, took the glass from her hand, walked over to our bedroom desk to get the wine bottle. I felt her eyes on me, almost as if she could see right through me the thrill I was feeling, refilling her glass, thinking about being there only to serve her, doing what she told me. 

“There you go”, I handed Heléne her wine, went back to my place, put my mouth on her vagina and proceeded pleasuring her, moving my tongue around and over her clitoris. After a few minutes she pulled my hair, finally orgasemd and her body contracted until it eased of into relaxation. It was great!

She made clear she wasn’t done with me; she wanted me on my back.

In a brief moment, there I lay, turned over, she being all over me. For long time, how long I can’t remember, she was kissing and biting my nipples, jerking me of, sucking my cock, I was made into her playground. Even though she was giving me pleasure I felt she was in complete control, she was doing this because she wanted it, not because of obligations to satisfy me, that’s the thought I keep in my mind. She was dominating me. When I finally came it was an intense feeling, stronger then I have felt in a very long time. It had been a great evening of pleasing and pleasuring her.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Short reflections

On my part I did enjoy the week. The first upside I can think about is me and my girlfriend having much less arguments, most likely a consequence of me not having any saying in any matter :)

This week has also given me a small glance of another side of her, which I very much like. The more confidant she became in telling me what to do and the more egoistic her requests for satisfaction were, the more attractive and sexy she became in my eyes.

Knowing she was in charge created a really exiting atmosphere. To look at her as the one who had all the power in our relationship made me desire her more. 

We will se how things play out, maybe this blog will keep going.

The second part of the week

It has been a while but here is my post on the second part of the week.

Day 4 was a pretty normal day. I was asked to change our bed sheets, do the washing and take care of some laundry which hade been hung up to dry.

I liked folding her panties neatly into her closet drawer imagining she had told me to do this part with extra care. 

I also paid extra attention while changing the bed sheets knowing my girl really enjoys newly changed and stretched out sheets.

Day 5 I was not asked to do any chores around the apartment.

In the evening we were both relaxing in the sofa watching a series on Netflix. She was sitting with her back resting towards me and I couldn’t refuse the urge of touching her breasts, as a result she turned around and we started kissing. When she got up and told me to follow her into the bedroom I was more then willing to obey.

Heléne ordered me to take of my cloth and lay down on my back in the bed while she took out a piece of cloth from her wardrobe and blindfolded me. She then started playing with me, irregularly kissing different parts of my body (my mouth, my neck, my nipples and my dick). The touch of her lips was getting me exited but what was even more powerful was the thought of her being in charge. I was lying still and I wasn’t going to do anything she didn’t tell me to.

After a while I felt her on top of me, moving her thighs up closer to my head and soon, to my enjoyment, her warm sex was on my mouth. I could feel her pressed against my lips and I just lay there breathing heavily until I heard the command I had been waiting for, “Lick”.

Enthusiastically I went to work right away but after a while she moved slightly away from me, making me pause for a while, not allowing me to service her, then she moved right back. In this way she continued to teas me with her sex (which made me want it/her even more) until she finally let me give her her orgasm.

That night I was allowed to come while she was on top, her back facing towards me, me looking at her ass.

Day 6 - During the day, she had no chores for me but to make our dinner. Eager to please her and willing to play my roll, I was happy she had other plans for the evening.

First I helped her out with a facial mask, twice applying the face cream and keeping track of time (in between she had to wash it off). After this she had a shower and later asked me to rub lotion on her naked body. I started of with her shoulders and he back, then her arms, her breast and her abdomen. When her upper body was done, I dropped to my knees, wanting to feel submissive towards her, and enjoyed her looking down on me as I finished off.  

She told me to follow her into the bedroom were she lay down on our bed, face down. She asked me to take my cloth off and to start kissing her neck down towards her ass. I stopped at her lower back and she told me to go further down. I asked her were, and she said to kiss her ass cheeks, so I did. For a good time I worked my lips over her ass as I felt how I was getting harder.

I was told to kiss her right leg all the ways down to her heal, her foot and back up again, the same thing on her left side.

Then she said to get my face down in there, I didn’t know if she meant I was to lick her asshole or her pussy, so I asked if it was her pussy and she confirmed. I was exited she asked me to service her from this position and I buried my face in her ass breathing her scents as my tongue reached for her clitoris. After a while she started arcing her back, allowing me to get in closer, and I loved it.

Later she hinted for me to stop, rolled around on her back and had me continue licking her. I was now lying in front of her on my stomach and she moved her right foot down, placing it over my hard penis, pinning it down against the sheets. I thought about me being completely hers and the feeling was great. I focused on her pleasure and after a while her body started contracting, she gave out a few moans and then was relaxed.

Not sure if she still wanted more or wanted to give back I lay quiet until she hinted for me to move up and lay on my back again. She climbed on top of me, road me for a few minutes and then (probably concerned about my pleasure) said I was allowed to come.  

We fell asleep shortly after, cuddled up.

Day 7 was also a pretty normal day.

In the morning she wanted me to kiss her nipples and said she wanted me to get her off fast. My head was in orderly fashion guided by her hands down between her legs. Her feet was placed on my shoulders and then moved down to my back, I liked the felling of her pressing me down from time to time. To my disappointment I wasn’t able to achieve what she wanted, she tired before she climaxed and then I was satisfied instead of her. At this moment I felt she was being to nice to me and that I hadn’t earned it. This was a week that was supposed to be all about her and she didn’t get to come.

When she rolled out of bed I quickly kissed both cheeks of her ass. She looked at me and said, in a non-serious way:

“Yeah, kiss my ass”

If she had climbed back to bed I would have.

Friday, July 03, 2015

3 days down, 4 to go.

So it has been an interesting week so far and I can admit I have enjoyed it (some parts more then others). Knowing I have to do anything my girlfriend tells me, and thinking about it during the day, has been exiting in itself.

Day 1 started out with some household chores (One of her dresses and a sweater needed washing, the desk in our bedroom needed tidying up)

At night I was given the pleasure of kissing her beautiful nipples and after a while she put her hands on my head and guided me down between her legs. I love hearing her voice and therefor waited patiently for her to give me the command to start licking. With Her taste in my mouth and her smell through my nose, I obediently pleasured her with my tongue until she had her orgasm. She didn’t return the favor and I fell asleep almost as excited as I had been just a moment ago, knowing that it was up to her to decide when I would be allowed to come.

Day 2 was a day of chores (doing the washing, cocking food for her to bring to work the next day, going to the store to return a jacket she had bought and decided she didn’t want). Since the weather was great she also ordered me to arrange for a nice pick nick for us, which we shared together before I went to the gym.  

Day 3 was my favorite day so far. Starting the day Heléne went for a morning run and came home all sweaty. As she was talking about her run I was looking at her body thinking about how nice and salty it would taste. Then and there I wanted her to tell me to go down on my knees right in front of her, slowly take of her pants and start pleasuring her. Instead I watched her start taking her clothes off to get ready for the shower.

I asked: “Do you want me to take care of your clothes”

She looked at me, dropped them to the floor, smiled and said: “You can pick them up from there”

Now there was a playfulness about her, she was showing she was above me and I would have to do as I was told. This was were much to my liking and that image stuck in my mind throughout the day.

Later in the evening she had me prepare her a foot bath followed by telling me she wanted her toenails painted. She was sitting down in the sofa so I submissively placed myself on the floor in front of her. I liked how I felt down there by her feet, the lowest part of her body. This was the psychological taste of being below her, I put my full attention to her toes and tried my best to do a good job she would be satisfied with. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be upset if I messed up but I somehow still imagined the possibility, pretending there could be consequences if I didn’t.

Her eyes looking down on me, I knew this was a place where I wanted to be.   

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The contract

For quite sometime now I have known that I get really exited pleasing my girlfriend in the bedroom.  It is actually quite clear to me that pleasing her gives me a much greater thrill and excitement than the opposite of her pleasing me. (Even thought she is really god at it)

Recently I have started talking to my girlfriend about these things and the other night when we were lying in bed I told her how sexy I think it is when she is in command. I told her that I like when she has all the power and tells me what to do. 

With a smile she then answered me:

“Hmm, that’s good, so that means I get to decide what you should do outside of the bedroom as well. Then tomorrow at 06:30 I would like to have breakfast served in bed, a boiled egg, some toasted wholemeal bred, maybe some orange juice, and….”

This was not at all what I had expected. Even though I don’t think she was really serious suddenly it lit a spark in me. I thought to my self, if she said that she wants breakfast in bed in the morning then I’m going to bring it to her.

The next morning I got up early to serve her breakfast, which I watched her enjoy. During the day I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I felt there was something erotic about the whole thing, she telling me what to do and I having to obey.  There was something there that I could not really grasp, but the thought of shifting power in our relationship seemed very appealing and thrilling, I wanted here to sternly tell me what to do again and me having to serve her.

I wanted to know what our relationship would be like if she had all the control and thought about how to create such a scenario.

That’s when I came up with the contract.

For 1 week I would have to do everything she told me to, inside and outside of the bedroom, all with the purpose of pleasing her. She would be empowered to use me with the only limits of her own imagination. I would be completely under her command.

She read the contract and agreed.